MultiSide The most demanded LED light source with more powerful LED chips. More information
CeramBase COB-CAS Light power and fashionable retro design using glass and ceramics. More information
Panel Large lighting source with D-LiteFusion uniform diffuser. More information
SLIM Slim & stylish light using uniform diffuser. Dimmable at request. More information
CUBE Original designed light suitable for household and office use. More information
SPOT Efficient light source available in aluminium or white semi-gloss finish. Individualization and dimming at request. More information
Tube Replacement of the classic mercury-vapor lamp, available in DICHROMATIC version. More information
Par COB-CAS Efficient directional light source fitted with ceramic LED chip-on-board. More information
BLAK Glossy black & white ceiling LED light. More information

Technology of the Future

Innovative LED technology makes the shift to the future. These light sources reduce energy consumption by up to 85%. It's time to change. Your right decision to change the way how to light your home can really make a difference. To meet your demand, we pay attention to quality of all components by developing and producing our solid-state lights.

Recessed luminaire SLIM 160 x160 mm

We have added one more product to the SLIM’s series. The luminaire dimensions are 160 x 160 mm and their luminosity is at least of 1025 lm. The range of square-shaped SLIM lights has become wider again.

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